Monday, August 11, 2008

Twins just keep multiplying....


Laura Eversz
TWINS CLUB was founded in 2004 by Jennifer Glickman, holding son Leo, and Rhonda Talbot. Front row, left to right, are Evelyn and Audrey Talbot-Vega, and Eli Kurland.TODAY: Talbot with Evelyn (left) and Audrey.PRESCHOOL graduates Eli (left) and Leo Kurland, sons of Twins Club co-founder Jennifer Glickman.Jennifer Glickman and Rhonda Talbot—both pregnant with twins—met in 2003 while attending pre-natal yoga classes. After spotting “more than a few” sets of twins on Larchmont Blvd., Glickman, Hancock Park, and Talbot, Larchmont Village, decided to organize the Twins of Larchmont Club.The pair posted notices in stores and had business cards printed. But most of their members were recruited on the street. That hasn’t changed, said Talbot. “When Jennifer and I see twins on the street, they are accosted. We say hello, then we give them our card.”That explains why the group’s roster that included the names of 11 families in 2004 today numbers 81.Many of the families gathered recently for the Twins of Larchmont reunion, held annually in Glickman’s backyard. Four and five-year olds and their dads—club veterans—splashed in the pool, while the “new little guys and their parents got to know each other in the shade of tents.” Being around families with older babies gives new parents hope they can get through those first few months, said Talbot.At the reunion, “I met seven or eight families I’d never met before,” Talbot said. She and Glickman spent most of their time talking to new members. “The discussions are always the same. They revolve around nannies, schedules, preschool.”Topics change, however, as the twins get older. Now, instead of nap schedules, par-ents are talking about the pros and cons of their children attending kindergarten in separate classrooms. The consensus: "I don’t know of a parent who’ll keep them to-gether,” said Talbot. “All the teachers advise against it.”The club hasn’t changed much over the years. “It’s still very much a support thing,” said Talbot. “It’s really about the comfort you get in knowing that you’re going through similar things.”You don’t have to leave home to find that comfort and support. In addition to the roster with names, phone numbers and birth dates, the website also features a blog, and links to topics from nannies to minivans, preschools to preemies.Do yourself a favor and log on to, said Talbot, recalling how she felt when her daughters were babies. “You need all the help you can get.”

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