Thursday, August 27, 2009

Father decides to choose babysitter

Well, since my bright idea of hiring a lovely girl didn't work out so well, dad got involved. But he thought best to get two babysitters for our girls. I have NO idea where he found them, but he is kind of like a super dad, like he built their tree house, takes them to awful places like the zoo and train town. I later find out these girls are friends from his assistant at his office looking to pick up some extra cash.

Me:  What do they do at the office? Do they have experience with kids?
Husband:  Why does  that even matter? The last five had pages of references and experience and they were common thieves. I think one has a little brother.
Me:  So, do they file or what?
Husband: File? Yeah, they send out morse code too.

Yeah, yeah. Make fun. So it's been a while since I worked in an actual office. But I personally could use my files cleaned out and organized. I remembering reading that messy offices often cost corporate America billions of dollars a year. Put that in perspective and I ought to be rich. Maybe these girls could multi-task.

Husband really wanted a red head, or two, but here they come. My girls of course like them; they play dress up, put on make-up, paint their toes...the girls seem "normal" and when they are here, the girls have zero interest in me, which is a good thing because I have to work and such. But the day they arrived in their swim suits (we don't have a pool) was a little disconcerting. But not to my girls. They just put on their own. Back yard hose day! Between all the texting and chatting on their cells, they managed to keep the girls entertained.

They could honestly just do nothing at all, and the girls would be joy-filled. Given my kids were five, just having teenage girly energy in the house kept them jazzed up.

"Hey girls, go draw a horse!"

The girls would run to the art room and perform this task. They never asked, "Hey girls, go clean your room. It was always, "Hey, go take all of your 250 Pet Shop toys, give them names, then line them up in the hallway!!"  Why didn't I think of that? This could take hours. The girls were smart.

With my kids busy and the sitters texting, I found my opportunity. I waltzed into the kitchen.

"So, I was wondering if you gals could help me with my file cabinets. You seem so organized and we have a minute here."

They stared at me as though they had no idea who I was.

"Oh. We are here to babysit." They went back to their texting.  Up close, they were not too much older than my young things. I decided not to push it. My girls liked them, and they were quietly playing. That's worth the price of their admission.

I went back to my work cave. The good news is my college boy isn't here. Because the girls would forget why they were here at all. More than once young college boy would hijack a sitter.

A few months back, a different pretty girl, (a Craigslit babysitter) college boy, the girls and I went for a walk. In less than five minutes, college boy and sitter were two blocks ahead; while I wrangled and fought with the girls, no help in sight. "We don't even want to walk to be with you, Mom! Go home!"

Not to mention, I was carrying all of their precious toys they insist on such walks... stuffies, dino's, water bottles, novels. At one point I could no longer see college boy and sitter, but being me, I paid the pretty sitter when her shift was up and asked her back!

Not me ^^^^ but you get the picture.