Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keep it REAL!!

Some good friends of mine recently moved up North for work reasons and left behind their home because it didn't sell. So it stands empty. It's a beautiful Spanish house. Given it is across the street and I have seen my fare share of people moving in, destroying all the original architecture, maligning it's intregrity, to the point where someone cut down a 75 year old OAK TREE! because "wood was bad luck" I simply can't take it anymore. A lovely home overnight seemingly turns ito a yellow box with no trees when no one is looking. SO, I keep an eye on who is touring the home and if I think they might be unsuitable, I wander over and we talk about the history of the home, the original beauty, the Bechnamel fireplace; then if I get a hint that their plan is to paint over the tile, wood work, built-in cabinets, remove the clay tile roof.. etc; then I let it slip out. "You know the history right? Why it's empty?" They stare at me, waiting. "Yeah, poor kids. After a vagrant broke in and shot the father, he then strangled my friend, took her wedding ring and their best dishware." They just keep staring. "Thank god the kids didn't see. They are with super nice relatives now, so it's okay. But, it like, happened right where you are standing."

At this, they both gasped and move into another spot.
"I am so sorry. I thought for sure someone would tell you! Those pesky realtors. Anything to make a deal, right?"

Typically, by now the couple have bolted out of the house.

"I hope I didn't dissuade you!" I yell as they run. "It's a great neighborhood other than that! It's just the recession!"

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