Wednesday, August 26, 2009

She seemed so perfect!

I lost track of all the nannies and baby sitters I've had over the years, but now, the girls are older and they like, well, younger girls, not grandma types. She spoke their language, played games, giggled a lot. The girl picture here, Shiney, seemed ideal. She came over, let the girls play with her bangles and hair clips, they just loved her. So after some shady references and a quick interview, like any mom in a hurry, you fall into a kind of wishful thinking. When they girls were tiny, honestly, I would have left them with a homeless guy... but Shiney, well, was Shiney.

By day 2, I noticed some things: pearls missing, a pair of designer jeans, and she was always carring around tabloids. But I was desperate so I overlooked these little oddities. Then on day 3, I returned home after a couple hours, and Shiney was passed out on the living room, face down. At first I thought she was dead, but that was not my immediate concern. I ran around the house looking for my kids and they were safely tucked away in their tree house.

I jostled Shiney, who finally came to, and she said she took too much allergy medicines. And then admitted she wasn't really a babysitter, but an actress whose only goal was to be on Gossip Girl. She new I worked in the business and thought that somehow would help her. Thank goodness my kids take care of themselves. I have never taken allergy medicine, but the girl could barely stand up. That is when I noticed track marks on her arms.

"She needed a nap, mom. After all the cookies she ate."

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