Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where is all began...CISCO'S Spell

After my 2nd marraige to a wonderful man who actually never wanted children because he believes in over-population, and having fallen in love with me and my 7-year old son, he asked if I would consider having another. I agreed to this, at the time, another little baby seemed perfect. At our wedding my good friend Allegra Huston and her fabulous mate/husband came over to our table ; now Cisco is a Shaman, a decendent of Pancho Villa, a wonderul man and an incredible dancer. He really put us to shame when we had our "first" dance.

He said to us: "May the world bless you with many offspring." I thought it was a sweet thing to say and I really didn't believe I would have anymore offspring, though had agreed. So not too long later, I became pregnant with twins! And to this day I blame him. Or thank him. Not sure which. He has powers I have only seen glimpses of. The two of them have their own beautiful little boy and own a river rafting company in New Mexico. Allegra is a great writer and just published her new book, LOVE CHILD; one would need a map and graph to figure out the Huston family tree, which she generously provides in the book.

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I took to the bed. It just couldn't be true. How in the world could I do this, plus raise my son, plus work, etc.

The first 2 years are pretty much a blur. Pumping, feeding, watching Oprah, talking politics with my Gautamalen nanny.

"When I had my babies, I would go to the farm next door and milk the cow to feed them."

This did put things in a kind of perspective.

My son suggested I put them on E-bay as they would fetch great money. But I loved them so.

I can write this now because they are 6, and while still difficult, (what isn't) it all seems managable, despite this horrible recession. The girls are so incredibly self-sufficient I'm considering asking them to start driving to their own play dates. Then there is their wonderful dad they adore and who is having all the firsts with them. But I did draw the line when he wanted them to ride actual motorcyles at years old. Instead he got them tool kits, a knife set and lumber so they could all build a tree house. Honestly, I am lucky to even keep a tree alive.

"Mom, not to hurt your feelings, but we like dad better than you."

Honestly, that is fine with me. But once I take them river rafting with Cisco...Los Rios River Runners

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