Sunday, September 20, 2009


Here is a quick snapshot of girls growing up in LA.  Notice the difference in 1.5 years. Because this world/county/LA is lousy with seductive images everywhere you turn.... do I lock them up now?

Seems like yesterday:

Here we are today

So what is a mother  to do? New Zealand?  The good news in this is they have a father that is so hands on, I'm surprised he doesn't  still use the dog chains. (yes, we did, once at Disneyland, but, we also didn't lose them, so eff off)

Like any reasonable mother I went out and got some Restalyne.   Here is another before and after.

Prior to my going in, I thought, well, everyone says it gives you a nice plumpy look.  As a sidenote: everytime my kids see a picture of her on a magazine, they always say "mom! you're in a magazine!"  How can you not love them?
So I get the Restalyne, but this crook kept telling me I needed more, a little more...I left in tears and here is why

This crazy doctor insisted I need this stuff in my cheeks, lips, eyes, neck, armpits and ass. I wore a mask for a few weeks, after threatening to sue her. She reimbursed me and in fact gave me extra so I wouldn't call the BBB. Though I was actually ready to call an attorney.

Leave your face alone! And while you are at it, build an attic for your daughters; but keep cutting their hair to leave no room for error.

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