Thursday, May 20, 2010

The plantet keeps spinning....

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Why I love Heidi Montag

1)  Because she is judged, criticized and humiliated by people that don't know her.

2)  She represents what happens to girls who grow up in a society that instills "Barbie Doll" beauty is the only thing that matters.

3) She clearly had no foundation or parental love, as observed when her mother demeaned her on every public level. No support. No help.

4) She came from a small town and thought the only way to be accepted was to come to Hollywood and upon learning from this town, she wasn't pretty enough, (happens all the time) went to all the wrong people to change her looks.

5) A plastic surgeon, whose license should be taken away, got greedy and took advantage of a girl who was desperate to be "famous" hence, loved, at an age where it is reprehensible on his part.

6) She is not educated, and is quickly learning how cruel this town is. Her solution, more press; as told by, well, press people and others who want to exploit her.

7) She has no one guiding her; and instead, organizations like Playboy, etc, just keep her thinking this was the right thing to do.

8) In a few years, she will realize the paparazzi are not real.

9)  Young girls are so susceptible to criticism regarding their looks.  "Your nose is too big, you boobs too small, your legs aren't muscular enough, and on and on."

10) Eventually Heidi will fall and it will be sad.

When I was in college, I was on a running team, and a plastic surgeon (also on team) told me if I had a better chin I would be perfect.  This haunted me for a long time until I developed self esteem.  Upon arriving in Hollywood, at 19 (weekend trips from college) I was told by oh so very important people, my legs were too flabby!  And I was a marathoner. But for sport, not for Hollywoodl

Mind you, I am not in the actor/model world on any level, but the cruel nature of this city doesn't just extend to actors/reality people, but to every single women working or not working here.   Heidi, in an odd way, has shown to the entire world with this very exaggerated effort (though she probably isn't aware of this) what she thinks a girl needs to look like to get any kind of work/attention in LaLa land.

And then used it as a way to get more attention. To me, this is all very sad and continues to perpetuate women as objects...Heidi being the latest.  It's another a version of Miss America. Beauty, boobs, no brains, and you get a prize... and the prize is more than likely criticism and judgment from the very people who told the girls they needed to do this.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

it's been ages... and I'm still crazy

since my last post...story. Been busy girl earning money, editing book and putting together a one woman show... then there is Cannes, which is BLOB; there is no way out.... needs total concentration.... so wanted to check in and throw you a pic of the day until I can find some time to put more stories up. Now that book is done and now being edited, I am going to put excerpts up, cause you know, they're fun.

Here is how you have it all, you do it all... and well, that can be exhausting.... can I just say how proud I am of my beloved first born...about to be a Junior at CMU... he did really well, found his way and became his own man....

The 7 year old Things, well, girls are different that is for sure. One is a love gush, the other a cringer... but they make a good team so that saves me lots of time.

Just so you know we are all still thriving, here ya go... until the next time when I can get back here...

I can't believe, well I guess I can, sat through a business meeting like this...I honestly don't have time cutting off tags.... and doesnt this one look complicated! To my horror, well, not really, I think it's funny, the kind exec I was with took pic...