Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lying for PROFIT$$$$

I've been neglecting my website/blog because am trying to edit my book, but sometimes you just have to step away from that monster.

Weird day: so I have this great idea for a TV show (I have ideas constantly, they come at 3am or on the treadmill) anyway, when they stick, I pay attention....this is not to be confused with my web series I am creating, too fun. The book, while humorous, is,well, bulky and serious. The web series is just a kick in pantaloons.

So the TV thing, run it by a few people, everyone loves it... funny, timely, whacky yet real characters, fresh, etc. I run it by a couple managers and agents, who really only want to know if they can sell it. I don't tell them the idea, just want to know what the terrain is like out there...one tells me, NO single camera comedies, which leaves half hour laugh tracks, (can't do that--material doesn't even support it unless all of a sudden there would be people, say in Yellowstone Park in one episode laughing their asses off.) The other says, single camera is good now, but I need to know idea. Well, I've been around too long.. and frankly this particular person is really only out for himself and I don't exactly want the thing floating out there.... then of course PODS...these are producers who have studio deals...who would walk it in... actually the best bet. So I will sit on it. It could also be a feature... but I am so over committed, we'll see.



THEN someone sends me an email with this bit from a book written by an actual wicked ex-step mother, but remains a wicked Cruella DeVille all the same, and is quite proud of that. She really gives new meaning to the word phony, because though I have met a ton, she eclipses. Even in Hollywood. Yeah, I know.

At one time she abused my son for hmm... five years...verbally, emotionally, called him names, told him basically he was a loser, a piece of crap, a pain in the ass, he was 4. Now that he is older he has told me the real story, I knew bits and pieces and did everything I could to get this hag out of his life... finally succeeded.

But her goal in life is to be famous,no matter what it is..like so many of these reality people. Then out of that she someone got a book deal, which is hilarious because she is completely uneducated, unread and probably just blabs to someone typing anyway. But so be it... I never read it, never will... but a friend just couldn't stop herself from sending, a friend who witnessed this adult bully terrorize a child.

Here is the paragraph "When I'm short in compassion (me: she never had any) I like to LITERALLY imagine myself as the MOTHER TO ALL BEINGS (gag) and to behave as if everything from a seal(??) to a charming baby (I guess an un-charming baby wouldn't make the bosom cut)to a mass murderer came through ME!

(Manson's actual mother>>>>the writer does not look like this)

Okay... I can see how she could birth a mass murderer, but WTF is she talking about... clearly has some bizarre god complex... I can picture her with Charles Manson having a fireside chat, petting seals and ignoring the crying babies.

^^^^^^"Just ignore her"

Apparently in this book which did not get reviewed which says a lot right there, she refers to her MOTHER GURU, apparently some deity or person she consults and ice skates with.

She plays some kind of bully role on Dr. Phil, which is hilarious in itself and berates young girls who have dreams basically. By the time anyone becomes over 18, they leave her wheelhouse for obvious reasons.

Years ago she put a hit out on me, like Al Capone, to get rid of any interaction (this would happen when you share custody of a child,) then left the threat on my machine. As said, not too bright this person.

I've long forgotten about her, she dug her own grave, and because she has no permanent self, she has deemed herself the meanest person alive. Right up there with Gadaffi. Which is in complete contradiction to these "self-help" books which purport to help young people with a loving hand. Say what?? She could care less.

My friend also sent me a paragraph of this person rambling on about how we live in a sue-happy culture. But she has threatened to sue me so many times, we lost track. Maybe she will give it another go.

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