Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My artistic twins who could care yrs I have these kids Thing One and Two and they want to start blogging. I had no idea between the two of them they have already filled up 18 diaries. Random thoughts...some so interesting I actually cribbed them... gave them credit....I'm not a monster.

So this page will be of some of their work.... by now they must have 1000 pieces, probably more. They started drawing, painting, using oils, acrylics, pastels, since they were 3. I never really took much notice, until one day a teacher pulled me aside.

"Your daughter is very gifted artistically."
"Aren't they all?"

Then I started to put them with actual teachers and take myself out of the mix. They laugh at me, despite my showing them some of the work I did as a child (okay I was 14) but they still laugh. I have no idea how they know they accomplish what they do. I honestly can't.

If I had time, I would actually copy them and frame the originals.

The have also sold their work and commissioned a few pieces... but the sticky part is they do not like the attention. So I can't say, wow, that's really good.. or it goes in the trash. Now I say, "looks like you put some good effort into that." And walk away. They always say thank you. They don't think they are special and frankly don't want to be... which is a good thing. I learned the hard way about "praising" your child, it backfires, because everything in their mind has exactly the same value. And ultimately meaningless.

Well, you know, that starter boy taught me a lot. We've talked about this, as he is an adult now and I was a kid when I had him. The truth is, he's very smart, and never studied, never prepared, went to difficult schools and blitzed the tests. So he told me he liked that I told him these things. Like, wow, you're so smart, and so on. He's the guy that can take apart my computer but also write a great story.

"It all worked out mom, in fact it helped me cause most of the kids at school were assholes."

But girls are different, or at least mine, and don't like to have attention drawn to them. So it's all pretty much, "Well done, darling." In fact, maybe they are British. Kids come with their own worlds. All I do is guide them along and keep them safe.

So here are a few of there works:

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