Friday, March 23, 2012

But he's magic mama...

I have these twin girls, the Things, darling as they are, they are nearly 10 and giggle at words like sexy, hot and boys and Ann and Nancy Wilson.

They say things like, that is so random, Mom you are totally OT, clue....less.... Barracuda! and so on.

here they are...

Well, okay, how I like to see them.  But take these cuties, add multi-colored nail polish, knit caps, scarves, arm bangles, necklaces bunched together, head wraps, lots of color,  hand sewn t-shirts, flitty skirts, cowboy boots, well, you get the idea. Post modern google hippies.

Their tast in music has changed dramatically this year. They love this song about some guy saying he has moves like Jagger.

"Do you guys know who Mick Jagger is, what he is saying?"

They roll their eyes.

"Duh. We have all the Stones songs on Spotify, Mom. I mean, could you be more random?"

I don't know how that question makes me "random."

They have these secret crushes on boys, hide under their covers with their ipads looking at music videos by Bruno Mars, write very dramatic stories with shocking surprises, bucolic settings and decent outcomes, but also love movies like Lorax, play with a giant Victorian doll-house and have an obsession with Littlest Pet Shops.

I've heard girls "turn" at 10. That is, become their own people,  things get a little dicey.  I trust in how they were raised, they will make good decisions, but I can't believe I am already concerned. Here is why. They love this song! It came on the radio, and in fact, they knew all the Heart songs.  I didn't know if I should be impressed or terrified.

When this refrain comes on, they shout in the car, "he's the magic man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I remember running off to meet "magic men" when I was 14; if they had a guitar, a car and were "hot" they were all magic.  This album played a big role in my old early teen years. I find it amazing my kids are following suit. What happened to the Taylor Swift lovefest?

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