Friday, March 2, 2012

The Lorax plus Zac Efron plus your kids

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” Dr. Seuss.
Today is Read Across America Day, (if you are reading this, you have participated, just fyi,) inspired by much- loved children’s author Theodor Seuss Geisel and initiated by the National Education Association.

Better known as Dr. Seuss, Geisel wrote 46 children’s books. He did other things too, like create motor lubricants for all kinds of boats, plus he drew stacks of political cartoons denouncing Hitler, but clearly he found his calling in children's books. 
His clever way of using other-worldly characters, whimsical adventures and rat-a-tat rhymes to teach kids about global warming, war, famine, family crises, chaos, individualism, self-acceptance, love, life and hate, well, kind of amazing. 
No wonder they hold a parade in his home town in Massachusetts.  One of their better exports. His dad was famous too, a bootlegger, well, that is alleged, but he ran the brewery out of Springfield, until Prohibition, then worked for parks and recreation. Yeah, sure. Talk about a demotion!

And what better way to celebrate this great author than with the opening of The Lorax, a book that has sold over 222 million copies.  The film is about the endangerment of our environment and stars Danny DeVito, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift.

I'm struggling to find a resemblance here, (I mean Taylor is a blond, hello!) but my kids and I are huge fans of both the book and the actors, so we are pretty excited.  Plant it! Plant it!                                                                
Despite the controversy about the book dating back to the 70’s, where many parents felt the subject matter too “heavy” for children to understand, yet beating them with yard sticks was A-okay, Geisel’s well-crafted examination of the world, concerning over-population, global warming and the end of civilization, in fact appeals to young children.  Especially when kids are the ones to save the planet.  thhugnkissethumb.gif
Another wonderful service the NEA offers is a “create your own” event, be it your school or the public library or your backyard.  I had no problem dressing up like the Cat In The Hat, wandering into math class during the state exam and trashing the classroom. 
Well, I made do with what I had^^^^. It's amazing what kids will believe after a shot of Tequila.

"You don't look like the Cat in the Hat."
"Well you don't look like you're going to held back 3 times."

Also, what could be more entertaining that watching some of your favorite actors read books you love? This website does exactly that.  Kids can go online and have just about any book read to them.  From Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog to Caitlin Wachs reading Sebastian’s Roller Skates, or Liam Neeson reading Everybody Poops.

You can also become a bookpal.  Actors, or anyone that can read with a little spice, can sign up and offer their services to schools, libraries, and under privileged communities.  It’s a great organization and always in need of support.

Recently Kayne West volunteered to read I Got A Wocket In My Pocket at the Salvation Army.

He was met with thundering applause.

 I will leave you will this, because why not. Zac is just awesome. Taylor and Danny and Betty too!

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