Friday, March 2, 2012

Sock Up Guys!

I have noticed the latest trend in high fashion for men, wearing their $2000.00 Italian made shoes without socks.   This is from the wonderful fashion blog owned by photographer Scott Schuman. I adore him and his blog and photos, but this sock trend is simply twisted.

The gym dude:

The traveling man from Scotland:

The busy dude waiting for the train:

He may have pedi's on, but nonetheless, ankles are not men's best feature.

The confused dude in serious need of a leg wax:

The embarrassed dude trying to look busy, but heard showing lots of ankle was the latest trend. His mom made him wear the knee-highs.

An assortment of looks, in search of a wardrobe:

These are "Rons" shoes: I should note  he was extremely exited upon hearing about this sock less trend.

Now, if a man wants to go sock less, I suggest these options: bedroom slippers, deck shoes, as in we are on the boat, or flippers. Anything else does not work. I don't care if the ensemble was put together by Lagerfeld and cost 10 grand.  Here you go:

Big shout out to Scott Schulman, his elagent blog, great photographers, fabulous wife, also great blog.

Scott Schuman


  1. Socklessness -- fad or logic?
    Back in the Sixties, seeing that socks were becoming delete options, Bare/Foot/Gear developed its first product: sockless leather sneakers.
    The sockless concept is now universal but Bare/Foot/Gear Corporation was destroyed. It was taken over by Bridgestone Rubber Company of Japan.
    Today, few people know of Bare/Foot/Gear. I post this not as an egoist, but to encourage you -- a young person with a few bucks and a bright idea -- perhaps it's time to take a chance on yourself.
    Good luck,

  2. That is the truth, and those were the
    scruples -- Powers