Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Halfway Decent Girl of Thanks

Just to a note to all of those who are purchasing my first novel, A Halfway Decent Girl, off this website. I was quite happy to receive orders and happier to send them out. Your interest means a lot to me.

All of this Amazon and other sites are so very complicated, and I like adding a personal touch. Sort of a virtual book signing.

Beating Heart

So thanks again as this helps me push forward to complete the next book. Getting there....

As all writers know, we need the occasional break and sometimes I just go to Russel Brands crib. He's super nice and gives me words of encouragement like "Hey then, you can do it. Right on." Btw, he has an awesome set up.

He has a view of a lovely Pepper tree, along with phone wires.  But still, I mostly just look at walls where photographs still need to be hung. Ideally I would like my desk to look like this.

But alas, it looks like this, or a teeny portion of it.

I should mention Melatonin is a lovely sleep aid when needed, it truly works. I keep it on my desk because I forget to take it sometimes and then I can't sleep which makes pushing the rock much harder the next day.

Insomnia has always been an issue since age ten, so if anyone has a solution, you will get a free book. And I will throw in one of my kids paintings because I sense they will be much more valuable with time than my own artistic endeavors.  Thanks again!

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