Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Patrick Wilson, Lena Dunham's boobs, Games.

I don't get all the hullaballoo over this weeks episode of Girls, One Man's Trash. So, big deal, the storyline diverted from it's path and focused only on Lena Dunham, her boobs and a hot guy, Patrick Wilson.

Even Patrick Wilson chimed in: "It reminded me of my 20's. It's just awkward and weird."

As a girl, though no longer 25, I certainly have had those nights, weekends, entire relationships that were nothing but awkward and often incredibly weird. Lena managed to compress all of the angst, insecurity, madness, inner-dialogue, humiliation, guilt, degradation, and other mind- crap that girls go through often with men -- in a 30 minute TV episode.

She also has the format to choose her guest stars. She'd mentioned Patrick Wilson was hot in some interview or another, so why not? GIRLS is her playground, not only to work out her own issues and span them across three other girls, but surround herself with all sorts of sexy guys.

On the complete flip side, Californication does something similar. I mean, come on! David Duchovny or Hank Moody, gets any gorgeous girl he wants, and they throw themselves at him at an alarming rate. And for no reason. And it's pure exploitation.

It's not believable on any level. I'm mean, he's a washed up, alcoholic maniac, albeit attractive, but every women in the world lining up to have sex with him just stretches the credibility a tad. Pretty soon Hollywood will run out of hot young things to cast as his castoffs.  Also as he gains a kind of moral compass--rehab! please, now everyone in Hollywood is throwing themselves at his agent, Evan Handler, or Runkle, most recently hot men.

It's just beyond silly. But hey, it's his show. Bring on the sexy babes.

Back to Lena, who actually uses the half hour to offer up a tiny horrific glimpse into what girls go through. Yes, men do as well, but the show is called GIRLS.

Many viewers make fun of Lena's body, why she is always naked and so on. I personally think she has tremendous courage, not just as an artist but as a person willing to put it all out there, and in our society's standards, her figure does not measure up to what is expected of young women. Would Hank Moody pursue her? Doubt it. Here is the truth: No matter what a girl looks like, she often feels fat, ugly and not up to snuff, especially in the early years before a girl starts to gain self-esteem and an identity. So Lena is magnifying this. She shows us on the outside what many girls feel on the inside.

She uses her nakedness imo to emphasize the cringe factor of being in your 20's. Like Glare in Your Face, this is a horrible decade people have to get through. I was not overweight in my 20's and was considered good looking, yet I felt ugly, fat and unlovable. That is the point.

Lena brings it home in this episode. I watched, I cringed, I was aghast and I completely understood. My 20's had a smattering of these experiences, but mine were actually worse.  Here is one.

I met a hot guy, who also happened to be famous, at a screening.  After talking for three minutes, I agreed to spend a weekend together in San Francisco. I knew better, but thought, I'm throwing caution to the wind. It was my Holly Golightly moment. And it was awful.  He did not meet me at the airport, pay for my dinner and I still went to his hotel room. He requested a specific kind of sexual activity that I had never heard of but I tried to act cool. Like I had pony sex all the time. Then he whips out a horse tail and a mask and gives me some instructions.

Me: Uh... who gets the tail?
Him: Just do it. Here' some lube.
Me: Well, okay.

I was so out of my element but I assumed he wanted the tail in his well, tail.

My thinking was, after I perform this sexual fete, he will fall in love with me, our future will be set in stone; a house in the hills, a few kids, my career would jump 50 points.

After we were done, or he was finished, I had no clue what to do. Cuddle? Sleep? I needed a fucking shower. So I start to babble, like an idiot.

Me: That was big. Sometimes I think I don't expand enough, sexually, yunno?  I keep my life in compartments. Work, friends, work friends, then crazy friends. They never meet. My family. Everything is separate. Like my being here. No one knows. I wonder if anyone noticed I'm gone? But you're so cool. I can't wait to introduce you to my friends. My work friends.
Him: Yeah. Sounds okay.
Me: I never do stuff like this. I usually wait five dates. I'm really smart. I graduated with all A's from a hard school.
Him: So, it's getting late. I have a show tomorrow. You should probably go.

Now here is where things differ from my friend Lena. My heart sank. I got up and went to the swanky restroom, turned on the faucet and wept. What the hell was I doing? I hated my body, I hated myself. I wanted to call my mom.

I pulled it together and went back out and lied down next to Him.

Me:  So do you want to hang out tomorrow?
Him: Sure, beautiful. We'll go to the park.

I felt a bit more hopeful and walked on misty air all the way back to my hotel. He didn't call me a cab or even walk me downstairs, yet I clung to some hope.  This incredible man picked me to be with him.  There were plenty of other girls at that screening. It was meant to be.

I called him first thing in the morning since he hadn't called, clearly having forgotten where I was staying. He had checked out. He never called me again. Yet I called him. Many times. Until his wife answered, then I stopped. Wife??  It was beyond degrading. I'm certain he mentioned more dates, trips, and a future with me just before the sex.

This happened a few more times in my 20's. Always the same. Always with some older guy... most of them married though I never knew. I would be seduced by their good looks and power. Never once did I think I was being used.

So, If I had my own half-hour, GALS,  I would have Ryan Gosling guest star every other week so we could sauna together. Then Joseph Gordon-Levitt would guest star, we'd have a monthly game of naked Rummy. I'd go naked hiking with George Clooney. Why not?

Endless possibilities. Then the obligatory take-away angst lesson. Here is how I am now different. I no longer believe I look hideous. In fact, quite the opposite. I think quite highly of myself and long ago stopped caring what men, society or what anyone thinks of me. My self-confidence grew with time and hard work and though society will fight against me, I hope to pass this confidence down to my own girls.

So if this is what society considers perfect, ^ ^ ^ ^ then I assume this is how I look walking away from the stereotypes I had to suffer through as a young adult, because so am I.

As said before, I'm remain mixed on the show, but I never miss an episode. And I love Lena.


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  2. Well said. For what it's worth though, I feel like the amount of nudity is now starting to detract from the show. I was annoyed that anyone would be on screen that many times and for that long in the buff. I know there are many guys that would disagree with me, but even if you put Megan Fox on screen naked for as long as Lena was, it would just seem unnecessary.

  3. For me her nudity is a 5th character... I see what you are saying, but there is a point to it all..

  4. She used art as an excuse to film make out scenes (all part of a highly unrealistic fantasy, btw) with a hot guy. No courage or artistic integrity in that. That episode was a total self indulgence on her part, and a boring waste of time for viewers.

  5. I know a lot of people are split on the series, I actually love it. I have been in those situations, and as a writer, that is the format to do what you want. But she also manages to incorporate a lot of knowledge and learning curves. Most shows do not do this in any way. But I respect your opinion because as said, show is divider.. I just happen to love her. I also bought the entire OCD ep. I have it too and it comes and goes...