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George Zimmerman Meet Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy staying current on social matters ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The confluence of the George Zimmerman non-guilty verdict and Jenny McCarthy's Disney owned ABC hiring, where she can spew on The View struck me as incredibly bizarre.  The timing that is.

Like many I struggled with the outcome of the Zimmerman trial, though I was one of early believers this trial was over as soon as the six women were picked.

I wasn't the least bit surprised by Juror B37, who after landing her book deal, spoke publicly about her decision. The sympathy she felt for "George" like he was her best friend spoke volumes, while she referred to Trayvon Martin as "the boy" or in some cases, "them or they."

**Her book deal, most likely thanks to Twitter has been dropped, but I'm guessing this is temporary.

This woman actually said the trial was never about race. That's like saying there are no black people in America or Jenny McCarthy saying she cured her son of autism.

This is what I heard.

Juror B37: "Poor Georgie Porgie, getting beaten like that. What choice did he have but to use his gun in self-defense? It was all right there on the documentary."

She was referring to the Avatar-like generated cartoon the defense created to support their absurd theory.

Molly West:  I can't believe they bought the stupid Avatar defense! LOLZ

Anderson Cooper: So you believe George Zimmerman is innocent.
Juror B37:  Why yes, we all did. There was one person who questioned it but after we read and did not understand what manslaughter meant, then we all got on the same page. We don't get the law, it's so dang complicated. So, he's innocent. Plus George was hurt. Come on. He was the one that had a bloody lip.

Right? What's worse. A bloody lip or, well, death. Hmmm.

I personally think George Zimmerman is your average coward, made of glass, thus needs a gun to feel whole. I also think he punched himself in the nose to support his lame theory. But that's me. I also refuse to put his ugly mug on here, sorry.

Juror B37 goes on:

"We all cried, all those hours deliberating! We were wailing!!"

As though no other jurors deliberated ever. Maybe they were all worked up over this:

"If we go with a guilty, will that generate more or less money regarding book deals. On the OJ trial, they all got book deals."

"We should go with the not guilty. I mean I've been here for 17 hours for Christ sake. I want a McDonalds.  Let's get something out of it. To hell with that kid. Let's go for the money."

Which leads me to Jenny McCarthy, though her route to money was slightly different. Playboy bunny, a host on some MTV dating show, a bit role in Scary Movie 3, then she had a baby.

I'm so awesome! But..

Oh gosh, how do I stay relevant?  Sadly her son was born autistic, but she believes he was fine until he had that awful MMR--this gave her a platform to talk about vaccines and how dangerous they are. She has been proven wrong so many times it's hard to believe it's still in the news.

Now we have Dr.Jenny, who barely made it through high school, but throw Jim Carrey in the mix and that ups her media quotient enough to get people to read her misleading books that ought to be filed in the public health risk section of bookstores. She even bought a pair of glasses to appear more intelligent.

She has heavy competition in the celebrity- mom -knows -best do to Mayim Bialik, which I wrote about a while back. But at least Mayim has some education.

I saw Jenny at the Grove last month and approached her.

Me: Oh, Jenny. Listen, a friend of mine loves you, reads your books, so she didn't vaccinate her three kids. But now two of them have the mumps and one has rubella. What should she do?
Jenny: As I've said, I do believe it's going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe.
Me: So, should we keep an eye out for polio? I mean, I never got that. Did you?
Jenny: No, my parents were not as educated as me. Polio is actually no biggie. Did you see Sessions?
Me: But you don't mind silicone filled breasts or botulism shot in your face though, right?

She flashed a veneered smiled and wandered off.

Ignorant people are dangerous. This increases with their level of money, power and guns. Now,  if you have an ignorant celebrity with money (power) and a gun, we're getting into NRA territory.

In George Zimmerman's case, he falls into the ignorance with a gun, and some power behind him, his ex-judge step father.

Jenny McCarthy has the media presence, which gives her a very powerful platform.

Let's compare. Jenny barely made it through high school, Zimmerman got through a couple semesters in a state college mainly focusing on courses that would allow him to be a cop.

They both have huge ego's, the capacity to lie and believe their lies and will go all out in discrediting anyone who calls them out. But the key similarity is that they somehow are both experts in fields they know nothing about: Jenny, medical, Zimmerman, the law.

Jenny ^^^ medical expert.

In this sense, they are both alleged killers.  Now we have two dangerous people on the loose, with half the population giving them intelligence and attributes they simply do not deserve.

Zimmerman has gotten his gun back and Jenny a national platform which tacitly validates her crackpot theories on all things medical.

Here, they are now both a menace to society.

The Zimmerman verdict secretly gives permission for people to stand their ground and get away with murder.  Jenny McCarthy is just further validated.  I recently learned a staggering 25% of mothers will take Jenny McCarthy's advice on NO vaccines and how to treat their autistic child over an expert doctor whose been in the field his or her entire career.

Children have apparently died taking her advice. Who are these ridiculous parents? I had no idea there was actually a website devoted to this, a body count.

These two, in my opinion, have blood on their hands, walk freely and I won't be surprised if Zimmerman is soon on the cover of GQ.  Then he and Jenny will be on equal footing. Zimmerman's going to have to hit the gym before he makes the cover though.

These two are just a match made in heaven. Two ignorant celebrities who are getting away with murder. Once they get together, we can then look forward to the Jenny and George Zimmerman Variety show.

Rhonda Talbot weighing in on Jenny McCarthy, George Zimmerman, vaccines, celebrities, misinformation, media lies.

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